What is Trident Lakes?

We’re a 5-star resort with Defcon 1 preparedness, meaning we provide luxury condominiums and amenities above ground and state-of-the-art security and safety under it.

Why Ector, Texas? And where is it exactly?

Trident Lakes is located on Highway 56 in Fannin County, Texas, between the small towns of Ector and Savoy. After consulting with security experts, our location is attractive because it’s outside the “threat zone” of a nuclear attack centered in Dallas-Fort Worth but only 70 miles northeast of the Metroplex.

How big is this place?

Our current plan calls for 532 subterranean bunkers spread across 700 acres of previously rural, rolling farmland.

How many people can live there?

Approximately 2,000.

How do I get to live there?

The first step is adding your name to our 1,000+ waiting list at TridentLakes.com. After that you will be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire and talk personally with one of our membership team members. After vetting, you may be extended an invitation to live at Trident Lakes.

Who owns Trident Lakes?

A board of directors and group of investors make all development decisions. To that end, they formed Dallas-based Vintuary Holdings exclusively to manage this project.

How big are the condominiums?

From 900 square feet, to as big as 4,500 square feet.

How much does a condominium cost?

Pricing is being finalized as you’re reading this. But a ballpark figure would be anywhere from $350,000 to $2 million.

Are the condominiums totally underground?

No. Because, honestly, who wants to spend their lives below the surface of the Earth? Our condos are 90% Earth-sheltered, each with an open-air patio with a view to one of our three crystal clear lagoons. In the event of an emergency, air-lock blast doors close off the patio, securing you inside your unit.

Is it like a tornado shelter or one of those bomb shelters from the ’50s?

Hardly. Unlike dark, damp, archaic bunkers, our condominiums are spacious and can be equipped with luxury amenities such as hardwood floors, 4k TVs, WiFi and artificial sunlight.

Explain how your community can survive, even after a catastrophe?

Each condo will be connected – via a series of tunnels – to a community center which will include areas for dry food storage, DNA vaults, exercise rooms, communal greenhouse and meeting areas. Because of our detail to planning and populating, Trident Lakes will be prepared to mitigate the dangers.

What are some of the amenities at Trident Lakes?

3 crystal clear lagoons. 5 gun ranges. 18-hole golf course. Equestrian center. Athletic center. Shops. Restaurants. Hotel. Jogging paths. Spa. The works.

What will Trident Lakes protect us from?

A litany of know dangers such as nuclear attack, virus pandemic, weather disasters, government overreach, World War III.

In the event of an imminent threat, how will people get to Trident Lakes?

We will have 12 helipads and, if the demand is there, we have the potential to expand our property and build a 6,000-foot private air strip.

How will Trident Lakes survive if a catastrophe knocks out traditional supplies?

We will have off-the-grid, independent sources of water, air and electricity. Each condominium will be required to stock at least one year’s worth of food, and encouraged to store 2+ years. With adequate food, water and power, residents could, in theory, live at Trident Lakes indefinitely.

Who will oversee your security plan?

Rob Kaneiss, who is a former Navy SEAL and a highly decorated international expert in security and diplomacy. Trust us, we’re in good hands.

When do you expect the first residents to move in?

Likely the first quarter of 2018. Our model condo, if you will, should be ready for touring around early Summer 2017.

Will any part of Trident Lakes be open to the public?

Yes. Our lavish front entrance will be adjacent to the Polo field, chapel, shops, restaurants and hotel, which are all open to non-residents.

Is Trident Lakes kid-friendly?

Of course. It’s a family-oriented community complete with kids’ play areas and a learning center.

Will you follow state and federal laws or have your own form of governing?

We’ll obviously fall under the jurisdiction of state and county laws, but we’ll supplement that with an added measure of protection from our own paid police/security force. And, yes, we will have an HOA.

What benefits are you extending to military personnel or civil servants?

To assure a sustainable, interactive community we must have a variety of skill sets, including policeman, fireman, teachers, etc. To that end, we are reserving 10% of our condos and extending special financing programs to civil servants and military personnel.