What is Trident Lakes?

Trident Lakes is our vision of luxury living in a resort-style community with multiple layers of security. All residences are specially engineered, efficient and spacious earth-sheltered condominiums with oversized terraces. Integrated into the community is a variety of amenities including a gun-range, three Caribbean-style lagoons, horseback riding, walking trails, golf, tennis, clubhouse and more. From the front gate to the front door of your condominium, Trident Lakes has designed security and sustainable living into every detail. Trident Lakes delivers investment quality real estate for the sophisticated buyer who seeks pleasure and peace in a perilous world.

Why Ector, Texas? And where is it exactly?

Trident Lakes is located 70 miles northeast of downtown Dallas on Highway 56 in Fannin County, Texas, between the small towns of Ector and Savoy google map. One of the reasons we choose this location is because it is outside the “threat zone” of a nuclear attack centered in Dallas-Fort Worth.

How big is this place?

The master plan for development includes 796 earth-sheltered condominiums built in four communities on 670 acres of rolling landscapes.

How many people can live there?

Approximately 3,000.

How do I get to live there?

Select "Purchase" from the main menu. Use our Property Map to review the four communities and select the unit or units you would like to purchase. Step 1 is to pay an option fee to reserve your unit for 30 days. During this time, the listing agent for Trident Lakes will contact you or your agent to initiate the sales process. Step 2 is to complete the sales contract and put 20% of the purchase price into escrow while we build your unit.

Who owns Trident Lakes?

Trident Lakes Property Holdings, LLC

How big are the condominiums?

The largest unit is the lower unit in the Verona community with 3974 square feet (370 square meters). The smallest unit in the Lucca community is 1084 sqare feet (101 square meters).

Customers may purchase and combine two units for a larger living space. For example in Verona, combine an upper unit with 2890 square feet (268 square meteres) with a lower unit for a total of 6864 square feet (638 square meters). We have floorplans which include stairs from the upper to lower unit.

Also, customers may purchase and combine two side-by-side units with golf or park views on the lower level of the Perugia and Lucca communities. This would increase the interior space in Lucca, for example, to 2168 square feet (201 square meters), and double the size of the terrace.

How much does a condominium cost?

The prices range from $449,000 to $1,949,000 for the condo shell with certain feature and design allowances. Please see the full list of prices by unit in the Property Map section under the Purchase menu item on the home page.

Trident Lakes management anticipates that our customers will have very specific ideas for completing their unit. Therefore, the customer who purchases a condominium will have the option to engage with Trident Lakes Design Services to customize the interior space of their unit, or use their own designers. A customer's choices for building out his unit will generate a specification for final construction and price of the unit.

Are the condominiums totally underground?

No. Honestly, who wants to spend their entire life below the surface of the Earth? The interior living space of our condos is totally earth-sheltered. Every condo has an open-air terrace with a gorgeous view of either a crystal clear lagoons, the golf course, or tree-filled park. In the event of an nuclear, chemical or biological emergency, air-locks and blast doors seal the interior space and secure you and your family inside.

Is it like a tornado shelter or one of those bomb shelters from the ’50s?

Hardly. Unlike dark, damp, spartan bunkers, our condominiums are spacious and may be custom-designed with luxury amenities. Our designers are creating exciting interior spaces with high-end kitchen appliances and cabinets, low VOC floors, water-saving showers based on Mars-mission technology from NASA, HD TVs, WiFi and high-tech, Italian artificial skylights.

Explain how your community can survive, even after a catastrophe?

Each condo will be connected – via a series of tunnels – to a community center which will include areas for dry food storage, DNA vaults, exercise rooms, communal greenhouse and meeting areas. Because of our detail to planning and populating, Trident Lakes will be prepared to mitigate the dangers.

What are some of the amenities at Trident Lakes?

3 crystal clear lagoons. 5 gun ranges. 18-hole golf course. Equestrian center. Athletic center. Shops. Restaurants. Hotel. Jogging paths. Spa. The works.

What will Trident Lakes protect us from?

Let's be honest. The most likely hazard in this part of Texas is hail and tornado. An earth-sheltered condominium will provide excellent protection against these hazards.

However, we live in a dangerous world. Could we in this country experience a pandemic in the future? Sure. For example, Dallas had a patient with Ebola in 2014. A nurse taking care of that patient contracted the disease. Fortunately, the disease did not spread further. If it did, however, Trident Lakes is 70 miles from the center of the downtown Dallas population. All condos are equipped with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical air filters to protect against this scenario. Security at the front gate would allow only residents into the community, and special security procedures may be activated in just this type of emergency. Finally, Trident Lakes includes other security design features for a variety of emergency situations.

In the event of an imminent threat, how will people get to Trident Lakes?

The current master plan includes a helicopter landing pad in the NE corner. Depending on the demand from the community, Trident Lakes can also expand the property to build a 6000-foot long private air strip.

Will any part of Trident Lakes be open to the public?

Yes. Our lavish front entrance will be adjacent to the Polo field, chapel, shops, restaurants and hotel, which are all open to non-residents.

Is Trident Lakes kid-friendly?

Of course. It’s a family-oriented community complete with kids’ play areas and a learning center.

Will you follow state and federal laws or have your own form of governing?

We’ll obviously fall under the jurisdiction of state and county laws, but we’ll supplement that with an added measure of protection from our own paid police/security force. And, yes, we will have an HOA.

What benefits are you extending to military personnel or civil servants?

To assure a sustainable, interactive community we must have a variety of skill sets, including policeman, fireman, teachers, etc. To that end, we are reserving 10% of our condos and extending special financing programs to civil servants and military personnel.