Press Releases

Trident Lakes Unveils New, Doubled Master Plan
Sep 5, 2017
Prompted by overwhelming interest in its upscale and unprecedented secure community, Trident Lakes today unveiled its re-engineered Master Plan. The new blueprint (image attached) doubles in size and scope from the original, adding 450 Earth-sheltered condominiums to the 700-acre development.

Trident Lakes Engages Detwiler Fenton for Project Financing
Aug 2, 2017
Trident Lakes announced today that it has engaged finance industry leader Detwiler Fenton in a “placement agent and advisory services” agreement aimed at helping raise $200 million in capital.

Trident Lakes to Commence CSO Search in Wake of Kaneiss Resignation
Mar 1, 2017
Trident Lakes’ Board of Directors today announced it has accepted the resignation of Chief Security Officer Rob Kaneiss and will immediately commence a search for his replacement. Kaneiss, a former Navy SEAL and decorated international diplomat, offered his resignation to accept a high-level advisory role in a joint venture between the governments of the United States and Somalia.

Trident Lakes Tabs DE Golf Design to Build “Course Of The Gods”
Feb 6, 2017
One of America’s most unique communities will soon boast one of the country’s most distinctive golf courses as Trident Lakes today announces a partnership with DE Golf Design.

Trident Lakes Names Rob Kaneiss as Chief Security Officer
Dec 20, 2016
One of America’s safest communities will be directed by one of the most distinguished security personalities in recent U.S. history. Trident Lakes is proud to announce the naming of former U.S. Navy SEAL and decorated security diplomat Robert I. Kaneiss as its Chief Security Officer.

Trident Lakes Breaks Ground/Raises Fountain On One of America’s Safest, Most Unique Communities
Oct 1, 2016
With construction underway on what will be one of the largest fountains in the world, Trident Lakes is beginning to unveil plans for one of the safest, most unique neighborhoods in America. The entrance – which will include a marble, ornate Poseidon statue – is a showpiece announcing a new standard for luxury and security in far North Texas.