Trident Lakes Breaks Ground/Raises Fountain On One of America’s Safest, Most Unique Communities

PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release - October 1, 2016

FANNIN COUNTY, Tx. – With construction underway on what will be one of the largest fountains in the world, Trident Lakes is beginning to unveil plans for one of the safest, most unique neighborhoods in America. The entrance – which will include a marble, ornate Poseidon statue – is a showpiece announcing a new standard for luxury and security in far North Texas.

The private resort community – developed by Dallas-based Vintuary Holdings Corp. – will offer upscale amenities and unprecedented civilian security on 700 acres between Savoy and Ector along Texas State Highway 56.

“It’s a five-star playground with DEFCON 1 preparedness,” says Trident Lakes' spokesman and Communications Director Richie Whitt. “Our residents will enjoy a piece of paradise and peace of mind.”

The $320 million project will feature luxury living via a championship golf course, 5-star spa, sports courts, three 15-acre blue lagoons for water sports, jogging trails, gun ranges, equestrian center, restaurants and retail shops. The heart of Trident Lakes will be safety and sustainability. The property will be protected by a security wall which will enclose approximately 500 reinforced, subterranean luxury condominiums ranging from 900 to 4,500 square feet, communal greenhouses, a navigable tunnel system, DNA vault and helipads. It will also feature off-the-grid supplies of food, water and electricity.

Says Vintuary Holdings CEO James O’Connor, “During our research several things became very clear. People of all responsible social backgrounds instinctually think about long-term survival, but simply are too busy or do not have the skill sets to assemble all the ingredients necessary to increase the odds of survival if threatened by a catastrophic event.”

In an effort to build a safe, sustainable neighborhood, Trident Lakes will offer special financing to law enforcement, teachers and other civil servants.

“A lot of like-minded people who would be critical assets in adverse situations may not be able to afford the costs,” says O’Connor. “We’ve built in a program to ensure the inclusion of those that could contribute to the structure of the community in a time of need.”

Trident Lakes’ fountain – 55,000 square feet, longer than Bellagio’s Las Vegas lake and with an anchor structure of Guinness World Record height – will be one of the largest in existence.

Says Trident Lakes’ lead architect Charles Ralph, “The fountain, in its final form, will be one of the largest in the world. Poseidon is big and bold, and he sets the tone for the entire community. This level of quality will shine throughout. It’s going to be a place people enjoy, but also depend on.”

Residence at Trident Lakes' Phase I is by invitation-only. Phase II waiting list is being filled at

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